De-Sheng S-2000 Evaluation of the nineteen hours

S-2000 listing of a few days, it seems to have not seen the detailed mechanism of the heroes who comments! Shenzhen Gu Lage hair net and some reception on the S-2000 post, I also saw, as we saw, they have a better S-2000 evaluation, but since I try to now, My own feeling is: S-2000 are really good!

First, I think S-2000 is not necessary with other radio PK

Jar, there are some friends that make S-2000 and DE1103 and RP2100PK about it, and then separation of a A> B, B> C to, and then open the results. I thought for a moment, perhaps with the current Beijing Olympic Games are being held on it! ? But I have not want to do, of course, it is certainly not for fear of a particular machine than to win than lose, my reasons are:

1, before the machine read the comments of many of these children, subject to assessment should PK, but you do not know, I have every time I see such a text is the last jump, I do not like the data, what machine to receive certain frequency band signal a certain few grains of several cells, the last to a summary of what machine is best, followed by what, etc., on the surface this is very convincing, but as long as you thought about using these data reliable? This in itself is often subjective factors too much! You do not believe such a machine to look at assessment, the final conclusion is often a large percentage of new machinery to win, it is clear that the author and a “grass is always greener” factor renewed a role. Moreover, the evaluation of a radio, not just from the receiver to evaluate the sensitivity, the radio quality in addition to sensitivity, there is selectivity, signal to noise ratio, broadcast quality, maneuverability, stability, novelty, and many other aspects.

Two or three years, many manufacturers are non-DSP high-level radio frequency significantly to the second / first IF model with high frequency side, the Degen 1103, Robinson’s RP2100, German students PL600, PL450 and present S-2000 are like this, I saw this line model is the first Sony’s ICF-7600GR (of course, limited to my level, this mode is the first in line 7600GR radio I do not know, here says only wiring diagram I’ve seen it.). Of course the manufacturers have improved, not the same line. Using this mode manufacturing full-band radio, AM can better address the full range of broadband coverage problem, where the first intermediate frequency used 55.845MHz (high frequency), the vibration can be as long as the coverage from 55.945MHz to 85.845MHz 100KHz-30MHz band, and from 55.945MHz to 85.845MHz, cover factor: K = f (max) / f (min) = 85.845MHz / 55.945MHz = 1.53! Cover factor than the average is lower half of the AM radio! At the same time, this model uses a double-conversion, in terms of active amplification can achieve high gain, so the route to achieving high sensitivity is very good for the line model. So since 1103, the domestic manufacturers have used a lot.

Therefore, some friends would like to present several radio PK belongs to the principle of the list, tell the truth, sensitivity in these types of radios are very good, so that PK is not much significance.

In order to prove that PK does not make sense, specially tonight I slipped the true S-2000 and DE1103 PK a lot, in fact, prove that I think is right. S-2000 can not receive radio, DE1103 has not received, S-2000 be received, DE1103, too, receive! But in the process of PK found some small problems but also found that S-2000 in very good background noise suppression at the receiver when the weak Taiwan 5945KHz and 4950KHz basically can not hear the kind of “hissing” background noise, sound quality is very stable clear and very enjoyable feeling.

【Figure: 3915KHz I am here to receive the two planes did not signal】

【Figure: 4950KHz I received here are weak Taiwan】

【Figure: 5945KHz I received here are weak Taiwan】

2, more professional production of domestic manufacturers of radio much, especially the German students, more than a decade has done radio, and other manufacturers in recent years also went out a lot of good radio, in today’s radio is not the main media age, radio is not easy to do, and their products are also being constantly improved and perfected! Therefore, for those of us radio enthusiasts, they are first, so I did not the concept of A> B> C of the problem!

Second, I view the radio production process

The above are my radio PK of the two points. Both the radio station to charge more, good sound quality, but also noise and disturbance for the design and manufacture of radio, is never easy, I’m afraid the birth of the radio started, until now, to the design of the future will be the Radio and manufacturers are subject to, this line from generation to generation of radio, more delivery can be seen, from our collection and play the radio today, the process can also be reflected.

1 6 general frequency transistor radio, including the high audio amplification in a total gain of 110dB, while the audio amplifier generally designed around the 55dB-60dB, so that high frequency gain of 50dB-55dB, if we can get a good figure Radio has been very excellent performance, and if you want high IF gain more than 55dB, then you have to use 2 or other high frequency signal processing techniques, and if in improving the high frequency gain in the same time, ask ensure good signal to noise ratio, selectivity, passband and so on, then the edge of the technical difficulty here can imagine, so make the required level of technology required is very high!

As the saying goes: “great accuracy”, for the high frequency circuit fabrication, the slightest, but points and the solid component level, through high-frequency, medium frequency line near the connecting wire, the length of the pin and other components are installed high frequency line production techniques, as components, lead can cause high-frequency shaking changes in distribution parameters, severe earthquake fault is the machine, while the second is not easy to find people, but these parameters caused by changes in the distribution of will cause the signal is modulated, phase change, and serious failures that result in self-excited whistle, but a little light but overlooked by people who, it always felt high IF gain can not go up, the total output amplitude demodulation is also flat after …

In the repair process, found that many smart people using sub-board radio design method of pieces of cloth, board and board sub-panels making the need for wire connections between, first glance, this is a desirable practice, but on reflection, this France in fact very high!

Score-board pieces of cloth can make every circuit board is relatively narrow area, solid performance increase, and some radio frequency components even further separated from the circuit board, fixed in a metal bracket, so that its solid performance, especially high frequency of the solid line is greatly enhanced! The most likely people to understand is that there are many excellent radio performance, the variable capacitor from the circuit board separated from the bracket fixed to a special …

Score-board pieces of cloth or line isolator is also the mutual interference between the very effective measures, the actual measurement points on the board pieces of cloth can understand the benefits of radio, the radio sub-board cloth pieces are often large amplitude demodulation output!

【Figure: The variable capacitor 745 red light installation】

Since then, I slowly and more concerned about the structure of the radio production process of the. Many times, the same line, different manufacturers, produced the radio performance is often not the same as the mystery of which one I’m afraid this is it.

Third, S-2000 performance of the production process and receive

Now, every time I get a new radio, always have to break it, I think the purpose of which is most of the production process is to see the radio! Therefore, my hands were I removed the radio all over, S-2000 is no exception! Demolition of the radio has become one of my hobbies.

Let us look at S-2000 of the production process it, making plans took me almost a day, of course, a lot of time which is slowly sipping S-2000 structure and process.

【Figure: S-2000 compact, modular construction process. 】
【Figure: S-2000 audio processing unit, potentiometer good! 】
【Figure: Remove the speaker and the audio unit, the radio ‘core’ part of an installation in a plastic bracket on the whole module. 】
【Figure: Remove the ‘core’ after seeing the positive – control unit, S-2000 although the buttons a lot, but very nice circuit board layout, board original distribution, and reasonable! 】

【Figure: Remove the control board, the back of the large screen, very good! 】
【Figure: S-2000 motherboard! The modular structure of technology, so beautiful! 】
【Figure: S-2000 antenna component, you probe into the ‘mine’ the secret of it? 】
【Figure: S-2000 100.3MHz Meizhou local music listening station, is playing songs, very nice! 】
【Figure: Sanyo 7260 is a good quality radio, S-2000 and its comparison and found that S-2000 a lot of bass to full-bodied, it sounds more flavor! 】

S-2000 HF, not to speak of nature, listening effect is first rate, look at the case of Poland and Poland’s rotating antenna really convenient.

【Figure: listen to 603KHz case, the sound is clear and hardly hear the other noise. 】
【Figure: listen to 621KHz case, weak sets, sound small, hissing. 】
【Figure: listening 1170KHz case, strong signal, clear sound, no noise. 】
【Figure: listening 1368KHz case, signal strength, the sound is clear and no noise. 】

Weak performance in the receiving station, the electromagnetic environment due to me good, listen to AM radio a lot, looking a bit weak really not easy to Taiwan are generally required to compare the frequency of partial point to find some weak units from the current to find listening situation, S-2000 performance is very good! And more on the topic of reception I would like to have more friends in the future will be talking about, and to use my current situation, I think S-2000 is indeed very good reception quality, reflected in not only high sensitivity, and very low noise, the sound quality sounds! .

Fourth, and finally

1, old photographs of things

I first saw the S-2000 in the last year. Internet users in Shenzhen last year, together with German students visit the factory, in the plant engineering department to see the prototype, I was shooting a picture, then the appearance of the figure posted out, and also one of my ‘stolen’ did not dare take the stickers out It was a German born engineer is debugging prototype behind him secretly from the film, did not expect to forget to turn off the flash, and a shutter, flash flash, remember that the engineer was shocked that, I am sorry!

【Figure: shot down last year, S-2000 map. 】
【Figure: candid …】

Figure taken from last year to see, the original S-2000 and now in many parts of the official version has not the same, according to reliable sources say, S-2000 fixed version from the initial design to production, has experienced more than 20 versions of the changes, the designer and engineers have experienced numerous overtime, line and process optimization and improvement through the layers! Visible, German students to create S-2000 is a very hardworking!

2, S-2000 another problem

(A), S-2000 AC power line using a fixed, although there is hidden behind the line of the box, but it feels good to use, more convenient it would be better to install AC outlets;

(B), volume, tone knob sets of three and a little pot handles do not fit in a bit too loose, you need to handle on the potentiometer tape wrapped around it;

3, Finally, attach a few pictures:

【Figure: radio back together, I cut a piece of foam pad in front of the speaker, no special effects, just to dust …】
【Figure: replacement of a new battery, S-2000 is very power …】
【Figure: installed later discovered to be no more and no less screws, just! 】

Well! From more than 8 o’clock yesterday morning, disassemble child, a post now, I have more than 19 hours a! I level and limited to the rush, the wrong place please bear with me! Thanks!

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